Hello, 17 year old Dev, looking to begin an ambitious project with anyone. Adventure game: Central City Brotherhood

  • The project will be a game called Central City Brotherhood.
    What is it about? Well the story is about a city whose mayor has been kidnapped and shipped off to an island and abandoned and the governing power has collapsed and been seized by a crime organization. The crime organization earns money from illegal activity such as trading bad stuff in return for more bad stuff. They use that money to pay other criminals to roam the streets and spread their propaganda. Every night, there happens lots of crime and muggings and the population tries to keep a low profile to make a living. Due to the situation in that small city being of low importance to neighbouring civilizations that means the criminals have little to no resistance.
    People want their homes back and their freedom so they begin to form groups to retake territory and power. In the city there are 8 regions.
    Heres where the game starts
    The city has 8 regions, the player when joins gets to choose where his home will be in. When the player joins there goal is to stay alive and do Jobs for certain people and work for days. While they work they earn some bux as well as some "Admiration" (we'll get to that later)
    With bux you can buy food from restaurants to satisfy your hunger bar and you can also buy weapons from a local store, with bux you can improve the looks of your house too. At night you will notice black jeeps driving around, yeah those black jeeps have criminals inside them from the Brotherhood and if they see you outside they will shoot you to take your stuff. Why not in day? Cause over the years people have began resisting so they take to the nights to do raids n stuff. Why dont the criminals just kill everyone? Cause itd be a waste of time and resources when they are already earning enough. Now what is admiration? Its a type of value that determines how people will treat you and recognise you. It influences what jobs you can get and where you can go to.
    *Players with *the highest admiration can recruit gang members to follow them and do good stuff. They can also earn higher paying jobs and own places.
    players with really low admiration are less likely to be able to live in the city, they might get mobbed by the local community and get into fights alot.
    How does admiration work? Well, you earn admiration by killing Brotherhood members and killing other really low admired players, as well as working jobs for hours and even doing favors. to lose admiration you have to kill or harm innocent civilians and highly admired players for no reason. To lose admiration youd also have to get fired from your job.
    For the last part, you can also team up with other players meaning gangs wont attack each other yet that will bring both of your admiration levels to an average. Thats all i gotta say

    Alright so opinions? Honest criticism? Questions?
    Yes the project scope looks big but the extent to which something is hard depends on the amount of effort put in.

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