CVExtra (V2!) -- Super Module Script

  • You have at least 50 forums regarding your module. Stick with only one.

  • @sjr04Alt 3 forums. There is no rule against having too many forums.

    2 of the forums I don't use. (This one being one of them)

    ~ no ad hominem ya? what you say is wrong anyways - sjr04Alt

  • @Cvieyra2test not abuse. You only need to advertise this no more than twice.

    Hint: you advertised thrice

    The one i locked was in the wrong category with malicious imtent of spam advertising. You know collab req is not for advertising.

  • @sjr04Alt speaking of which, this belongs in cool creations since you are showing something you made. Do you see me making 50 forums regarding my Libraries+ ?

  • @sjr04alt Modifying forum posts to avoid punishment is also abusive.

    I have had this appealed to one of the administrators. They will hopefully have this promptly dealt with, in an appropriate manner.

  • @Cvieyra2test lets not get personal. This is my last reply.

    • dont assume things

    • dont make 50 forums regarding one topic

    • i cant hide and wont

    • simply b/c action is taken against you that doesn't make it abuse. i think it is you with the big ego. why should you be special snowflake and not get your stuff deleted but others should? this is hypocrisy.

  • @sjr04Alt @Cvieyra2test

    on GOD i'm seriously about to report both of you for this bs

    can y'all really stop flaming eachother day after day, it's genuinely getting annoying

    to sjr: stop finding time to argue with members and instead end the predicament quickly. you're making yourself seem like a bad moderator everytime you develop unnecessary conflict with cv. pointing out that he has >1 forum on his module isn't something you should be moderating, and i don't understand why you called it out now of all times if it's been irking you for this long. get to the point and defuse the situation before it explodes dammit

    to cv:
    sometimes it's better to just say "okay" rather than to give an answer that you know he won't like.

    tl;dr: either one be the bigger man, I don't care who, and I don't care how, but shut up and stop arguing all the damn time, it's a plague on this forum and it's horrifying

  • @Fifkee Well, true it is better to say "okay" rather, but I wished to provide reasoning. This however was the final straw and I just said whatever he was doing was abusive and that I appealed.

    I completely agree it was horrifying, but someone needed to do something about it. As not only was he arguing to me, he was creating a whole militia in the discord to degrade me, so I had to do something.

    Never wanted the drama, just wanted to do the module script and he kept modifying, interrupting or degrading me on anything I did. And thus why I ever responded.

    And to add, I kept talking to staff about it, otherwise I kept it to myself unless someone mentioned to me about it.

    tl;dr: Tried to avoid sjr04alt, but he just kept going at it. A response was a necessity.

  • @Cvieyra2test @sjr04Alt Legit

    Here's my advice for you two: Stop. This's gone on long enough. You're both not going to budge by any means, and continuing further's pointless. Cyeria, you don't need to argue back against everything everyone has stated. Sjr, if what Cyeria said's true (as I never saw this personally)

    @Cvieyra2test said in CVExtra (V2!) -- Super Module Script:

    he was creating a whole militia in the discord to degrade me

    That's not how you go about making a person change their stance, or how they code.

    TL;DR Shut up and move on already.


    Note to Cyeria; perhaps if you showed/reflected our criticisms, this wouldn't have blown up so big. For example, with your most recent example, you still have a lot of fluff, and didn't apply what we'd point out previously in the past. It comes across that you don't want to take in feedback, or wont bother to take it and work with it. If you did, however, take what we said and worked on it, can you please provide an example with one of your current works?

    Note to Sjr; instead of consistently firing back at Cyeria, and (allegedly) going on discord to talk about him, you talk to him in a more mature manner? (This can be applied to you too, Cyeria) Some people'll are just very stubborn, and wont change their stance even after months of arguing. Regardless, that doesn't mean you can harass them.

    Again, I'll say it: stop, and move on already. You both aren't going to budge, so there's no point in continuing. Firing back against each other's not going to help either side either.


    This thread has gotten way off topic, and isn't being constructive. Is there any plans to close it?

  • @TheAlphaStigma I am planning to do the release of CVExtra V3 here, stating its features 'n stuff, so I won't close it.

    However, if you want, I will delete any comments regarding the negativity, including this one.

  • @Fifkee there's no such thing as a "good" moderator. And I'm not trying to be good.

    What started this since day 1 was cyeria's ignorance (no offence). He would not take the criticisms given, and instead trying criticising the criticism received. I don't like ignorant people nor do I like being ignorant.

    This is what really got on my nerves. I did get far more aggressive than I should have, and this is my fault.

    Remember the feedback/criticism you gave me for my Libraries+ ? @Fifkee? I wanted that and I liked that. I want to improve as a programmer, and most importantly, as a person.

    Finally, @Cvieyra2test, don't make slanderous statements.

    I completely agree it was horrifying, but someone needed to do something about it. As not only was he arguing to me, he was creating a whole militia in the discord to degrade me, so I had to do something.

    This is completely false. Do not give misinformations about other people. I'm not even active on the discord anymore.

    None of us are dealing this situation correctly. It's best that we go our ways and end this once and for all. I'd like to ask for forgiveness from you for my aggression and I want you to ask for the same from me, for attempting to damage my reputation.

    I will be locking this thread. You liked your other thread anyways. The one with 100+ replies. Do your documentation there. If you want I can move it to cool creations, since, again, this is a creation you made that you want to show.

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