Improvements for the search tool

  • One of the primary reasons for questions being closed as Duplicate is not because an asker reposts their question, but because a similar question was already asked that has an effective solution

    The site encourages you to use the search tool to check if someone had the same problem as you, yes, and you might find a solution, but the problem with the current search tool is that it only looks for question titles

    If your search is too specific, you most likely will not find something but if it is too general you get a bunch of irrelevant results as well

    So my proposal is this:

    • There will be an option to search questions and answers

      • For questions it can match either the title or body. An answer doesn't have a title so the body would only be matched
    • there would be a filter. So you can search only questions or only answers. A filter for questions would be match the title or body. Or both the title and body, and you can search both questions and answers

  • @sjr04Alt You can already search both questions and answers using a Google search (SH provides you with a button to use one in your searches)

  • @hiimgoodpack yeah but even that suffers the same issue.

    Too general = bunch of things you don't want

    Too specific = not a lot of things you want

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