Challenge #3: The Pizza Party!

  • Challenge #3: The Pizza Party!

    Please use to write your code in lua.

    Table of Content

    Part: Name
    Part A Last Question's Editorial
    Part B The Judge Rules
    Part C The Problem Statement
    Part D Constraints
    Part E Input Specifications
    Part F Output Specifications
    Part G Sample Test cases
    Part H Other Informations

    Part A: Last Question's Editorial

    Editorial will not be posted right now. I want to give some other people the chance to solve the problem through other means. It will be posted tomorrow.

    Part B: Judge Rules

    Name Property
    Time Limit 1s - 2s(MAX)
    Memory Limit 64MB
    Problem Type Simple Math

    Like always, you can check your code's execution time and memory by writing:

    local time = os.time();
    -- Code Here
    print("Time: ", os.time() - time);
    print(collectgarbage("count"), "KB");

    Part C: The Problem Statement

    WonGuS loves pizza. In fact, he loves it so much that he is throwing a pizza party tonight! However, his guests are very picky about the kind of pizza. When he looks at his guest list, he knows the P number of people likes pepperoni, C number of people who eat cheese pizza, and V number of people who only eat vegetarian pizza. WonGuS knows that 1 pizza is sufficient for 3 people. Help WonGuS figure out the total amount of pizzas he needs to order as well as how many for each pizza.

    Part D : Constraints

    • 0 P ,C ,V 1,000,000,000

    Part E: Input Specifications

    The first line will contain three space separated integers, P, C, and V.

    Part F: Output Specifications

    • The first line will be the Total # of Pizza WonGuS needs to buy
    • The second line will include the Total # of Pepperoni pizza WonGuS needs to buy
    • The third line will include the Total # of Cheese pizza WonGuS needs to buy
    • The fourth line will include the Total # of Vegetarian pizza WonGuS needs to buy

    Part G: Sample Test cases

    // Input 1
    6 7 8
    //Output 1
    Total: 8
    Pepperoni: 2
    Cheese: 3
    Vegetarian: 3

    Part H: Other Informations

    This should be very easy to solve. Neverthless, Best of Luck!

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