Can exploiters fire events for other people?

  • Can a exploiter fire/Invoke a event for another player. For example
    local player = game.Players.OtherPlayer

    oof I typed this all just now, so uh if I typed something in the script wrong don't yell at me.

  • pretty sure the server isnt a client

  • Erm I don't think you are reading this right. The script I showed is invoking the server.

  • @XX_Doggoa, no. Clients cannot fake who they are unless you are adding an additional parameter/argument pair to get who the player is, but that would be stupid.

  • Thank you for using common sense in your reply. I just wanted to make sure other players could not fire an event to make another player rebirth or something when they don't want too.

  • @XX_Doggoa Assuming Roblox uses basic security (just checking that the player that they think fired the event's IP address and what IP address the player is using right now), that probably would not be possible. However, it might be possible to make Roblox think it came from another user like by using the same network (since most/all routers uses NAT making websites think everyone on their website are one person and might not work if they switch to an IPv6 only router/IPv6 only world since there's no reason to have NAT anymore.) and modifying the request internally. It might also be possible (not sure about this) to modify the network packets to make it seem like another IP (player) sent it and the request to make it appear like it came from them. However, the latter is not likely to happen since there's no way (with basic security) for one person to know other people's IP address in the game (unless you're on the same router). Even if they did, the ISP might detect that the IP was modified (not sure about this either but it might detect the IP address belongs to another ISP) and not send it.

    TL;DR: It's should be unlikely unless the hacker is on the same router as the the other person they want to impersonate.

  • well it looks like ur invoking a client since :InvokeClient() takes the player to invoke as the first parameter and :Invoke() isnt a method of a remote function (im not yelling)

  • short answer: no
    long answer: No.

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