Be able to accept your own answer after 48 hours

  • read the entire thing before jumping to conclusions


    Stack Overflow has a feature where you can accept your own answer after 48 hours if the asker did not accept an answer


    The rule is you do not get reps from it. No reps for getting your answer accepted neither for being the person accepting the answer (since you get +2 reps for accepting). This would also be only for moderation voter+

    What this can solve

    Far too often people say things along the lines of "thanks this worked" but they do not accept, or they ask a question and leave for 596 centuries (clearly an exaggeration). They probably did not even read the answers they got. This could be solved by a community moderator+ accepting it for you but they won't be around 24/7 to accept every answer


    Being able to accept our own answer after 48 hours is a feature from Stack Overflow (which this site seems to be heavily inspired from) which, if implemented into the main site could help fix most of these issues

  • yeah i agree and stuff +1

  • We can also have a system in which if a question has enough upvotes it'll be accepted, since Yahoo Questions has this. However, this can be abused by alternate accounts.

  • Consider the scenario where a question receives only one answer. And it's wrong so its not accepted. Then the responder can accept their faulty answer after 48 hours. I would say then maybe we should have a reject button, but consider if it's already too hard to accept things then it will be doubly hard for users to reject things.

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