Replace "Convert to Comment" with forced character limit, and another proposal

  • Proposal 1

    Only community moderator+ will understand

    The title may not make sense so analogy might help.

    The comment maximum character limit is 400.

    Answers require a minimum of at least 20 characters. This makes no sense. This is why far too often the site is getting answers like this


    This was supposed to be comment and it isn't even helpful anyways.

    So I propose the character minimum be raised to 400 character or even more

    Proposal 2

    Most of the time, new users don't put their codes in a code block, because, well they're new so they probably didn't know.

    There is no reminder to do it in the Ask Question page.

    So community moderator+ have to do the work.

    So I suggest some placeholder text

    Like this


    But it would be gray like placeholder text

  • i'm not a community mod but that makes absolutely no frickin sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok - scenario

    lets say someone is having a simple error with filteringenabled, and they're completely stumped yet they have a full understanding of filterning enabled.

    it makes no sense to beat around the bush instead of getting straight into the steak to get the 400 character minimum limit my dude

    some of my answers are like 5 word things like: "WaitForChild is your best friend." and they use waitforchild. and my answer gets accepted

    why? i provided a vague yet useful answer on how their code can work (and it does).

    i like getting straight to the point with my answers, not writing a full documentary about space and my childhood because the answer minimum is a 400 characters

    liek dood, some of my conversations with people on discord barely sum to 400 characters, most not even getting NEAR 400. what the fRICK

    i support proposal 2 though its cool and good, at this point i just ignore bad questions that dont have properly formatted code

  • @Fifkee

    i like getting straight to the point with my answers, not writing a full documentary about space and my childhood because the answer minimum is a 400 characters

    The point is to write well detailed answer that can get over the minimum

    some of my answers are like 5 word things like: "WaitForChild is your best friend." and they use waitforchild. and my answer gets accepted

    It would be better in a comment then. And if they really accepted that and stuff they probably did not even know of the function's existence and how it works

    You could have explained some things that may have been unclear about the function

  • @sjr04Alt

    yes and no. writing a 400 character essay on WaitForChild when they could easily look it up on the wiki?

    and no, it shouldn't be a comment because it was meant to be an answer. and it was a viable answer because it worked. straight up giving people the answer removes the ability to google.

    WaitForChild is here

    notice how the WaitForChild goes into great detail about the drawbacks and how WaitForChild works. why should I have to repeat it if it says it all RIGHT there?

    giving a vague answer to a simple question is probably one of the best ways to answer. heck, maybe a vague answer to any question at that

    i'd only make a 400 character answer if the problem is something complicated and needs a thorough breakdown due to improper usage of a & b, or if the entire thing is wrong.

  • @Fifkee, an answer like that should be a comment. If it's not, then you're probably just looking for rep, which is not a good reason for what size an answer should be. I definitely agree that some answers are utter trash due to the lack of a length limit, and a limit would be incredibly useful. I'm not sure how long 400 characters is, but, if it's longer than what we've got now, it's better. An answer without descriptive information/explanation is and should be a comment.

  • @sjr04Alt

    I made a similar suggestion thread here as said in Proposal 2. It has been months since and I'd prefer they fix the current slow editor that was just released anyways. Still a good idea for something to notify newbies to help them out, yet it's strange that even some moderation voters still don't follow basic question guidelines.

  • @Fifkee many times people complain that the wiki doesn't explain well so they ask a q hoping someone clears it up.

  • @sjr04Alt And that's when you make a 400 character answer. Because they don't know what it is, and they'll need an in-depth explanation on how the function works.

    @Phlegethon5778 No. It shouldn't be. An answer is an answer. Let's say someone asks a question that says "How does FindFirstChild work?"

    I'd respond with "FindFirstChild is a method of an object, (*and it) returns the first available child in an object that matches the string in the first argument. If the second argument is true, then it will recursively go through every single object in the ancestor object until it finds a name match."

    *added because original string was bad grammar and stupid, it would actually be 280 characters

    Now, let us see how long the answer is.

    discord thing

    Two hundred seventy four characters.

    (discord was the closest thing without making me search up a character counter)

    What further information do I need to add?

    A method is already described on the ROBLOX wiki, so do I need to go over what a method is? If they supposedly don't know what a method is, then I'll say ("More information on Methods here.") with a hyperlink to the wiki. Still doesn't reach 400 characters.

    Do I need to go over what a string is? Of course not, that's also in the wiki. Heck, it's in almost every coding wiki on the planet!

    Do I need to mention what recursively means? No! With a quick google search, I can understand what recursively means!

    ScriptingHelpers isn't a spoonfeeding playground. That's why we moderate questions that aren't constructive. We strive off of people that have tried their hardest to solve their issue, not off of people who throw their scripts in and expect a full fledged answer on why their'Part').Parent = workspace script isn't working. If you expect me to give people the full answer and not let them work for it, then you're horribly mistaken.

  • @Fifkee, the design for comments is twofold. It gives the opportunity for a short answer with little/no explanation and suggestions for improvement/questions clarifying issue/need of asker.

    There is a massive difference between a well-sized answer with a long/medium well thought out explanation and spoonfeeding/giving the code. That's not what we're talking about at all. Also, if the wiki isn't helping them, why would you force them to read it anyway (so they have to work for it)??? That's just silly. I'm assuming that you're only giving these short answers for rep gain (instead of making them a comment, which they should be), and there's no real reason why the limit should not be increased. If the question is something like How does FindFirstChild work, then a comment is entirely sufficient, and, in my opinion, it wasn't a good question. There is already plenty of information on the internet.

    a simple for loop can count the number of characters in a string

  • @Phlegethon5778

    You redirect them to the wiki so they can read it with the extra information that you gave them. There have been plenty of times where my friends gave me a tip on how something worked (*cough* datastores *cough*), and when I checked the wiki, boom--everything was clockwork. I've done the same to many people, actually. A little bit of extra knowledge helps a lot, believe it or not. Why should I make a worthy answer to a question a comment, so then someone else can leech off of your comment and claim it as their own answer? I don't see how that works.

    Also, I don't answer questions for rep. I answer questions to help people. If I wanted to answer questions for rep, I'd be on the site for way too long trying to hunt all the easy questions. People won't understand anything if you hold their hand all the way to the answer. It's better to let go right before the last obstacle.

    Okay, I want you to give me a 400+ character answer about how FindFirstChild works without any bloat or unnecessary information. So, no information about how it works behind the scenes.

    postscript: You'd be surprised how many people ask a question without checking the wiki. I actually had an answer accepted that just redirected them to the wiki. It wasn't a good answer I admit, but laziness.

    edit 1: of of => off of

  • @Fifkee, you're missing all of my points. My point is not necessarily that you're going after rep, but that answers like that should go in comments. If an answer can be a comment, then it should be.

  • @Phlegethon5778

    I know your point isn't that I go after reputation. You assumed that if I made such an answer like the ones I mentioned before, I'd be going for rep--and I disproved your assumption. I also covered more points that you've given .

    If the question is something like "How does FindFirstChild work, " why should we make a comment instead of an answer?

    If an answer is short, but covers the issue very well, it doesn't need to be a comment. As I said--an answer should be an answer. If you feel like your input makes a large contribution to the original question, then let it be an answer! If you feel like your input should be a comment, because the contribution isn't large, then let it be a comment!

    You can't force people to bloat their simple answer to a simple question until it hits 400 characters.

    postscript: What you're trying to push for would increase the rate of comments and decrease the rate of actual answers that help.

  • @Fifkee, that shouldn't be a question in the first place...

  • @Phlegethon5778 Just because it shouldn't be a question doesn't mean people won't ask it. I've seen people ask "How does WaitForChild work?," Plus, it was an example. Nobody ever said that an example must happen.

    That's like saying if somebody gave you a catch twenty-two, you'd refuse to give an answer because one of the options would never happen.

  • @Fifkee giving very short answers make them look half assed

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