Hi there, I own a development studio 'Tabula Rasa Studios' on Roblox

Currently we have 3 projects in development and are looking to recruit more scripters (builders are welcome too). Our current projects include:

A game called Fall-Box in which you have to click blocks that hold up a platform containing a red box. You click the blocks that hold it up and try to make it so the red box stays on the platform and does not hit the ground.

We are working on a RPG type game. It is a medeval style RPG with most of the building already completed.

We just started on a space exploration game. This game is a space exploration game with fighting and trading. You can transport goods, be a merchant, own an army, conquer planets, join groups and fight with them, travel to different galaxies and universes. Fight others in a huge FPS spaceship 3D world, or thrive and become the richest merchant and own countless planets in countless solar systems.

The scripting for Fall-Box is already taken care of, however we could always use more people to help build stages.

The scripter for the RPG would help with menus, UI, mechanics, stores, quest systems, and more. The building for the RPG is coming along nicely. The demo could be nearing complete, and we're really looking for someone up to the challenge.
If you are willing to help with any of this we would be more than happy to have you.

The scripter for Final Frontier can help with the following:

  • Jolty turning needs to be fixed (server client issue)
  • Resources for planets set
  • Colors for planets set
  • Planet atmosphere teleporting to planet area
  • Solar system box locater alert
  • Planetary box locater alert
  • Roblox universe set
  • Create universe map gui

One of the requirements of joining the Tabula Rasa team is to be in our Discord server
Let me know if you have any interest at all in joining our team!