Need Scripters!

  • Hello,

    I am currently looking for scripters to help me with my new simulator game project that I would like to create. My proposition is a simulator game based on upgrading your magic wand, defeating mobs that roam around several mob zones, and I want to make it like a twist of SLAYER SIMULATOR and RPG WORLD. I am looking for at least 2 coders to help me work o this project, they will both get a weekly split of the robux I collect, around 25% - 30% each. Depending on how well the simulator is made will depend on how much you will get payed.

    I have more details I have on the game, but I do not wish to spread out my ideas in case it gets copied, so I will restrain from giving you too much information about my simulator. However, if we partner, I will release all my ideas to you slowly so that we can get this simulator made.

    Discord: InfiniteXernos#6314

    Roblox: Infinitygamergg

    Thank you for checking out my thread!

    I have created a Discord server that I will be working on!

  • i can do it for free, but can usually only work on weekends

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