The new editor is pretty buggy

  • I just think that there should be a way to either toggle the new editor on or off, or simply fix it up.

    1. the new editor doesn't show any symbols or anything to delineate a code block from regular text.

    2. when you go to edit an answer, it deletes all the text you had besides code blocks, so you have to just wing it on remembering what you said before if it was a long paragraph.

    3. this one is just entirely my opinion, but there was nothing wrong with the old editor, it was nice and easy to use.

  • new editor is pretty hot what you talking about, it makes me feel fresh

    The preview is a little misleading though because the answer doesn't look the same as the previews.

    It's probably issue with your computer because I haven't had this issue

  • @sjr04Alt I used to be able to code directly in the editor, now it's so difficult to read that that is now impossible. Also I haven't tested it yet, but I believe the new editor might be the reason I've seen quite a few people removing the indentations in their code. I don't know if the editor is doing that automatically or if they are doing that so they can read their code in the editor.

  • @SteamG0D The only issues I've had now are spacing issues. Not exactly indenting, but sometimes my expression gets waaay too spaced out

    if    (expr)    then

  • @sjr04Alt I too have a problem with that, and do you happen to know why we got a new editor?

  • @SteamG0D nope

    ask eryn, but to be honest posting pictures without needing to link them with gyazo or something was a must.

    I don't think strike through text was a thing before (it is now). I never saw it.

    Most of the pages are outdated now. What is needed is "documentation" on the site, especially for the stack edit.

  • @sjr04Alt I think those were much needed changes, but I think they should've just changed the old editor to allow that to happen rather than trying to make a new one. Especially since the one they released seems to be unfinished in the sense of the issues we've spoke about here.

  • I'm linking this here because it shows how even people with enough rep to know how things work choose not to use code blocks because of how bad they are

  • @SteamG0D, rep means nothing. Also, @sjr04Alt, we don't need documentation. StackEdit wasn't created specifically for this website, so there is already a large amount of documentation out there.

  • @Phlegethon5778 read before replying:

    What is needed is "documentation" on the site, especially for the stack edit.

  • @sjr04Alt, if there is documentation elsewhere, it's not needed here.

  • @Phlegethon5778 Well I'd at least assume someone with more than 60 would understand how to use code blocks. Just that specific case because i'd think it would be pretty hard to get to that without using code blocks. Other than that, yeah rep means nothing.

  • new editor is trash
    the end
    *closes book*

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