In need of scripters for a new project.

  • I am in need of a scripter for a new project that I'm working on. It is going to be an shooter game kind of similar to Mad Paintball by MAD STUDIO. The game broke, and it was a huge part of my childhood, along with Paintball Galore by Pyrolysis, but Pyro closed his game down, and Mad Paintball recently broke. I've made the decision to revive my favorite childhood game by attempting to re-script the whole game, create original maps, characters, and other assets for the game. I'm still deciding whether or not I should still use Paintball Guns or if I should change the weapon to something like Laser guns, Real guns, etc. I already have people helping me with GFX, Maps, Characters, UI, and more, but I will be needing scripting assistance from other people to help me finish this project.
    I have finished some UI for this game, along with some other scripts, which can be found here:

    If you're an advanced scripter and think you can help me with this project, please contact me on Twitter DM's (@DestroyerTha1st or @DutchStudioRBLX) or my discord (DestroyerTha1st#3133 , server:
    Payment depends on how much I have, and how much you want. I would really prefer if you work for free, because I don't really have much, but if you really want to get paid for project, we'll work something out. At the moment, I have about 350 R$, but that could change soon if I get a ROBLOX Card, or if this project gets popular.

    This game will have multiple gamemodes.
    They're 5 tiers for each item.
    The items that will be purchasable are Characters, Gun Skins, Taunts, Crates, and more will come along the way.
    The currency this game will use is Credits, Emeralds, and Diamonds.
    You will be able to gain Credits from getting kills, and you can use it to buy Characters, Gun Skins, Taunts, and Crates.
    You will be able to gain Emeralds from winning rounds, redeeming codes for emeralds, crates, and a Jackpot that happens every week, and you could use them to buy Characters, Gun Skins, Taunts, Crates, and special rounds. You can transfer the Emeralds into Credits & Diamonds (1 Emerald = 10000 Credits; 50 Emeralds = 1 Diamond)
    You will be able to gain Diamonds from Crates and Emerald Transfers, you will be able to use them to buy temporary special effects, and any item higher than tier 4, and Diamonds can be transferred to Credits. (1 Diamond = 600000 Credits)
    I have set up the format for Characters and Crates already.
    You will be able to get codes from our social media, and there will be an in-game way for admins to be able to make codes. The codes will redeem special boosts, currency, etc.
    There will be daily missions for the player to unlock prizes.
    There will be weekly events for the game.

    Here are the types of crates so far and the Tiers they're under:
    Tier 1:
    Wood Crate
    Tier 2:
    Metal Crate
    Bronze Crate
    Tier 3:
    Silver Crate
    Gold Crate
    Tier 4:
    Emerald Crate
    Tier 5:
    Diamond Crate
    All tiers give taunts.
    Tier 2 and up will give characters.
    Tier 3 and up will give gun skins.

    I think that's all the information I have that I have and can give so far. If you're interested in helping with the project, or have any questions, please contact me on my twitter dm's, discord, or on replys on this forum below.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  • @DestroyerTha1st, I can script the backend stuff. I'm not one for scripting weapons and stuff, but I can definitely cover

    • DataStorage
    • Data manipulation and stats systems
    • Server client relationship on things unrelated to fighting
    • Proper randomization and chance elements
    • In game purchases with Robux
    • Daily rewards
    • Level up systems
    • Any mathematical stuff the game might need (I'm majoring in applied maths, so I love any opportunity to use that knowledge)
    • Proper debugging knowledge and experience

    Qualifications and payment:
    I only accept USD through paypal. I do not need Robux for anything. It is a virtual currency that can't really benefit me, and because of trading deductions (I think there are deductions when people pay other people Robux?), my pay would be decreased if I tried to use the DevEx system (if that's what it's called). I would not expect to be paid until the project is done. I would expect to be paid a reasonable portion of the game's income while the game is active. I expect to have the project done by the end of the summer. I will continue supporting the game during next school year if it's successful, but I'll have much less time available to me then. Here are my qualifications:

    • Experience in multiple programming languages
    • Experience in devving before, although I quit working for the person because I did not appreciate working with them. My hope is that that won't happen here.
    • Experience on Roblox in the past (I haven't really developed as much recently, but starting back up won't be too difficult)
    • Experience in Lua5.1, Lua5.2, and Lua5.3
    • Experience working in IDEs
    • Knowledge in multiple areas of ComputerScience, but don't have much direct application of that knowledge as of right now.
    • General computer knowledge (I mainly use Linux, but will of course use Windows when working in Roblox Studio)
    • I am a junior in high school, but finishing up my freshman year in college. My age is 17.
    • I am doing Calculus 2 and some other math classes.
    • I've also written some tutorials for this website:
      Tutorial and Tutorial

    I'm not sure what exactly what you are looking for, but I hope that I can work with you in the future. I've taken a recent break from Discord, but as soon as the project starts, I can contact you through that. Because I'm in the last two or so weeks of class, I have a lot of work/studying to do, so I would only be able to work after that.

    You can contact me via email ([email protected])
    or in this thread. If you don't end up needing me, good luck with your project!

    Note: Because I don't work with weapons, you'd probably need to hire another scripter. My only request is that you make sure that they know what they are doing before you hire them (if you're hiring me). I don't like working with incompetent people. I don't mind helping incompetent people, but working with them is a pain.

  • @Phlegethon5778 Thank you for replying.
    I'm starting up the basics of the project right now, and will focus on it more when school isn't that stressful.
    Do you know what day exactly that school ends for you? Mine is on June 10th.
    I do not currently own a functioning paypal at the moment, but I will try to see if I can find a way to pay you through there, as my dad has one where he claims all stream donations I usually get when I do stuff on YouTube.
    If you could friend me on ROBLOX so I will be able to add you to a Team Create place whenever the project starts, that would be really appreciated. My profile can be found here:
    I will make sure I find someone compatible to help with the weapons.
    I have major testing near the end of May, so as I said earlier, I probably won't start focusing on this project majorly until it gets near the beginning of June.
    I think you fit right for this project, and I would love to have you work for the game!
    I can't wait to work with you on this!

  • @DestroyerTha1st, my uni will be done with classes within three weeks. I'm not 100% sure of the exact date, but it's within that time frame. Don't worry about paypal unless the project is successful. When I was last on Roblox, I started working on a proper data handling module, so that should be done by the time we start on the project, if I work on it before you're done with school.

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