What is Better Tween Module?

Better Tween is a module that has better utility for users. Allowing you to queue a tween to play after another. Better Tween uses threads, which are basically what a tween in this module is, you can only have one tween going in a thread, but can have multiple threads, threads can have their own set of queue, and can also be changed on the fly.

Why Better Tween over normal TweenService?

Better Tween isnt 100% fool proof, and has some differences beTWEEN, tweenservice, but is repetitively the same, but allows a few extra features, like queues and playing a tween even when a thread is mid tween. This allows one to create a dynamic sword system, that focuses on player controllability.

How would I use Better Tween?

You would for one require Better Tween, below is an example of how.
local bettertween= require(script.BetterTween);
And the multiple ways of using it are said within the module.


The main module is by me, but the easingstyle equations arent be me, and is by CRAZYMAN32. You can see his really helpful module paired in BetterTween, although deleting it can break BetterTween, so keep it there!

How does it work?

It uses a simple loop that checks between each thread. If the module is required on the server, itll use a simple, but much "slower" while loop. While if it is required on the client, it listens for the much quicker renderstepped event of runservice, which is fired every render frame. While the server does use a slower method, it is accounted for, so both animations will still play and end at the same time, only the server may look a little more jumpy.

Get the module here: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/03123412773/redirect