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To use a code block on the site, you press the <> button at the top where you are writing your post. You press it, then write your code, or you can write your code then press it.


It automatically will indent, but you can also use Ctrl + Shift + K to generate one. You can also manually insert them by using a ```lua ... ``` block.


Remember to use grave accents!!! NOT Acute accents, NOT single quotes, NOT double quotes.

You can also select the code and it will be in a codeblock.


becomes this


You can use two grave accents (again, NOT acute accents, not single or double quotes) for inline code.


For some you can stack edits on each other.

Take the blockquote for example:


One thing many don't know, is you can use # for headers.


There are also bullets, and horizontal rules


With the new StackEdit, there is even more ways to format your posts. I will cover those later on.