• Well, let me begin by saying I came up with this idea while seeing a roblox rocket shoot into the sky. I noticed the cool particle effects, and immediately thought: "This would be epic for a flamethrower." So, I got to work.

    First, I created this backpack:

    Next, I scripted a morph script so it would attach onto the player's back when they touched the light grey trapezoid you see in the image above.

    Now, I began working on the actual flamethrower. I looked online for a couple of images and I found like 3 which I ended up mashing together to create this:


    I actually put two invisible parts there that you can't see. One of them was called startPart, the other called endPart. startPart acted as the place from where a raycast would begin and endPart is where it would end. They were both on the same X, and Y axis and were also the same size.

    After doing this I began on a simple weld script, and then made my main script. It works like a charm.

    Here's a picture of it in action:

    I plan on adding an update where parts can include a BoolValue and call it: "CanBurn" and if it's set to true, the fire will put that part on fire. Glad I could share this. Here's a test place:

    If you've got any questions feel free to ask.

  • That's awesome! Honest; very cool!

  • Yeah lol. "fire"

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