Seeking Advice from Experienced Game Developers

  • Well, the title says it all. I need advice for making my games, how to plan it all out, and how to basically balance everything out and make stuff organized... thanks.

  • use folders

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  • i'm not experienced,
    am i?

    here are the general dos and dont's


    1. storyboard your game before you do ANYTHING.

    2. think about what you AND your target community would want to play

    3. send your game plot/story to people and ask if they can revise it, group all the revisions and take the common (and good) revisions into consideration

    4. be determined! i cannot stress this enough!

    5. take constructive criticism (I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!)


    1. bite off more than you can chew

    2. use free models

    3. copy code

    4. pay developers low amount of muns

    5. matter of fact, don't hire developers if you dont have a lot of muns..

    6. do everything by yourself unless your proficiency in everything is stellar

    7. give up

    8. don't rush your code. take your time!

    9. everything else that you shouldn't do

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