Upvotes required for advancement in ranking titles is completely unnecessary.

  • Upvotes required for advancement in ranking titles is completely unnecessary.

    I cannot exaggerate this enough. People tend to think marking as an answer is enough, but that's not the case. What's the point of having it? Almost nobody knows that upvotes are required for progression in rankings, therefore nobody knows the importance of giving reputation to someone. I'm living proof of that, I have 600 reputation, and according to incapaz, 125 reputation is required for Professor. I have five times that amount of reputation, but since I don't have enough upvotes, no professor rank. The only factors that should determine rank are reputation, questions marked as answered, and (maybe) questioned asked.

    Upvotes are very uncommon, since people tend to just click "Mark as answer," copy the code, and then go on with their lives. But little do they know, upvotes are very necessary.

    I have three proposals.

    Remove upvotes needed for ranking, Remove upvotes needed for ranking, or upvote when an answer is chosen.

    Or, you can also remove updates needed for ranking. That also works too. The only way I see we should keep upvotes for ranking is if ScriptingHelpers were Reddit, as karma gets thrown around like it's a dodgeball. No other reason should upvotes be mandatory to progress.

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    @Fifkee Imagine having -17 upvotes received, with 5869430854793 reputation.

    It doesn't seem right to be whatever rank requires 5869430854793 reputation, when you have -17 upvotes received.

  • @sjr04Alt It also doesn't seem right to have almost all the requirements of the rank that requires 5869430854793 reputation, but only have 4 upvotes recieved because nobody upvotes your answers, even if they were all was correct, and even if they had so much information packed into them that it's basically a wiki article.

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    @Fifkee Upvotes are earned, it's not "hey the OP accepted my answer now give me upvotes and reps".

    Another thing that can be contributing to lack of upvotes is whose question you're answering.

    The minimum reputation required to upvote is 25 reputation. You are probably answering questions from people who have less reputation than that.

  • @sjr04Alt I'm about to blow your mind.

    Upvote is earned, indeed, but I know for a fact that people tend not to go to an already-answered question. That means that your answer is typically seen by two people: The one that asked the question, and others that are having the issue.

    I don't necessarily have a reason for the second person, but it's definitely common. I am definitely one of them as I completely forget to upvote a question that helps.

    The one that asked the questions

    This one is a simple answer, really. The guy that asked the question has the opportunity to upvote your question. Doesn't mean they will. Low chance that they will in the first place, because as you said, and as I am forming your statement into my own words, most people that ask questions have lower amount of reputation.

    Why should such a highly controlled factor inside of ScriptingHelpers (unlike rep, seriously. you can give rep right off the bat!) be so important? Viable questions asked/answered aren't that common to come across anyway, if I'm allowed to represent my opinion. Something that's so scarce shouldn't play such a major role in something like this.

    Edit: Now that I think about it.. what are you even talking about?

    My point is not that "hey the OP accepted my answer now give me upvote and reputation." If I solve their question with a full response, how do I not earn an upvote? Plus, I'm saying that I should get an automatic upvote from the asker because I answered their question. Not rep from everyone in the SH community simply because I answered the OP's question.

    Until now, I've never seen a system that utilizes upvotes for something "major" other than rep. Upvotes are supposed to be what helps you give rep. And it already plays into that role--it gives 5 rep to the person you upvote. Cool and good, but really? You need other people's opinion of you, their willingness to give you their upvotes, and their acknowledgement of the importance of upvotes in order to progress somewhere? That's absolutely bizarre! Why should a rank be given by the community, furthermore, a community that consists of people learning to script, but is slightly plagued by people who copy the code and go on with their fruitless day? Ranks should be determined by the system or the higher-ups, with little interaction from the users.

    The little interaction from the users should be the "Mark as Answer" button.
    The rank determined by the system should only be reputation-based.

    But instead, we have:

    The "little" interaction from the users are the "Mark as Answer" button and the "upvote" button, in which upvotes are actually more important than rep (since they are much more scarce), as they can hold you back from achieving the role you wish to get if you're even one upvote short.

    The rank determined by the system is reputation and upvote-based, which the upvotes are based upon the user.

    This sounds like I made two of the same arguments, but the in correlation/reference to my previous statements, I'm saying that the player should only have one form of interaction with the ranking system: clicking the Mark as Answer button.

    Clicking the upvote button is something of which people rarely do due to their little reputation or neglect of the upvote button.

    >init inevitable "people's opinion is very important in the real world so eat my shorts" quote

    I shall await your next point in the morning.

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