This post is referencing a game I made a while ago called Shadow Run. I mentioned the game earlier on the forum here.

I thought I would go over my thought process making this game, how I feel about the end product, and what I would change if I re-made the game.


So this isn't the first time I've made this game. The name of this game is called Shadow Run 2.0. It's called this because I decided to re-make a game I made before called shadow run. This game I made on my old account wfvj014. The old game can be played here.
Now I really liked the old idea. With 2.0, we really only added a few new obstacles and a wall jump mechanic that I mentioned on the forum here. It adds more to the game, and I like it.
Going back to the original; I decided to remake it because the old was really only a side project. I had trouble finishing games, so I told myself I was going to make a game in 1-2 weeks, and I did. I made the original Shadow Run in about 2 weeks. Because of this, the original only has 20 levels, but adds a ton, and for this reason is very hard to start off with. The game gets hard too fast, and doesn't give people the ability to get good at the new mechanic fast enough.

Re-Making the game

I've joined a development group called Tabula Rasa Studios. The game group is... it's okay. We have a hard time finishing projects, and that's one reason I wanted to re-make Shadow Run. It's an easy project that I've already made in the past. I knew I would want to re-do a lot of the code, but I thought it would be fun. I ended up re-doing basically all the code, only re-using the old sounds. After starting the project the team boarded along and helped me make levels. Once we got about 50 levels done people started playing pretty consistently.
I'm glad we finished the game. We're still adding a few things, but I'm completely done with the programming for now. I don't plan on making a 3.0. I want to move on. I have other projects and game ideas I want to get done. Something bigger.
As I said before the new is a lot like the original. It's more polished with new mechanics, but that's about it. We added a wall jump mechanic, and that's probably the biggest change. We also added hints, better sound effects, a cool-down when false clicking a shadow, and the ability to click through shadows, but that's about it apart from more levels. But Shadow Run got the remake it deserved, I believe.

Things I would do Differently

While I think the game turned out great, there are a few things I would do a little differently. First, I think the emphasis on admin is a little too strong. People can buy admin, there's always someone in the server using admin, etc. It becomes annoying. Not only that, I would also fix all the moving platforms. They glitch a lot when multiple people use them at once, and winners can easily mess with others in this way. I would also do a lot of the levels differently. I didn't make most of the levels, but most of them rely too much on luck instead of strategy. I like puzzles, and we sorta missed the opportunity to make the levels more like challenging puzzles instead of hardcore skill leachers, if that makes sense.

How I feel about the game

I think it's okay. I don't think it's as good as some people say it is. I think it's a pretty average game. It's a neat idea but I don't think it's worth the front page or anything. I think it's a pretty good start. I mean, I don't want the group to be about only obbies. I wouldn't mind the group being about new ideas, and testing new waters. Something different. Variety matters.

Thanks for reading :D