Experience scripter and builder for a sci-fi border crossing game

  • Requirements

    • Over 13 years old
    • Have a little experience in scripting
    • Can build gates, shops, and border


    • In Robux, at least 10k
    • Depends on how much work you finished.


    DM me here or Discord: gideonreeves1999

  • @MinuhaYT said in Experience scripter and builder for a sci-fi border crossing game:


    • In Robux

    Yet you do not specify a range, or an exact amount?

  • Sorry. It should be more specific now!

  • wait, i've been scripting for two years, and can do all those stuff. But im 12....;-; why do u have to be 13?

  • Please hire me!
    EDIT: i'm 19
    SECOND EDIT: why i used an engine thing to help a person with scripting

  • @Clasterboy

    Because typically, juveniles are directly related to immaturity and lack of work ethic. It's better to have a development team of people in their teenage or adult years because they've had more experience in communication with other people, and usually, they know how to get the job done under most circumstances.

    Looking from the way you type, and I must stress this--by no means is this a valid way to determine someone's maturity, it should only be used to form an estimate, and even then, this is rather disrespectful--the way you seem to communicate shows stellar ammounts of immaturity--the combination of improper grammar and emoji's usage in an unironic way.

    Although, if you manage to prove to employer that you are someone that can be useful to the development process despite your age, you can still become part of the development team. Just prove to them that you won't be a hindrance. This is not the case for all situations, though. Please remember that.

  • From my experience, people who are under 13-14, despite their time of experience, tend to have less ability than those that are older. Like Fifkee said, this could be from maturity, or just straight up more development of the brain. This is not to say that it's not always the case, but, in general and within my area of experience helping scripters, this is how it appears to be.

    Also, two years means nothing in terms of how good you are at programming. I could say I've been programming for ten years and it mean nothing (though it would probably imply more than two years does). The reason is that your skill depends not only on brain development (as I've already stated), but also on your dedication to learning. If the expansion of your knowledge happens rarely (ie, you're never challenged to learn new things) and you only stay inside your current bubble of knowledge during the majority of your two years, then your two years means nothing. Thus, it's not good to state how long you've been programming, but to show evidence of your skill. The reason that employers ask for years of experience in the real world is because they expect an answer that is based on how long you've been working at a real company (which would mean your skills would be dedicated 5+ days a week 8 or so hours a day), thus implying that you actually have accrued skill during that work time (unlike the inconsistent improvement that, say, a 12 year old would have had over two years). No offense, but it's hard to be dedicated and focused at that age.

    The combination of these and more factors just lends itself to asking for an older age. I can give more reasons, if you ask, but Fifkee has already named one of them, and adding more seems unnecessary. Honestly, if I were hiring, I would go for 16-17 or older. 16 is pushing the lower boundary, to be honest.

  • I would like to apply, but it seems a little to late now, if you are still hiring I'm a experienced scripter And a proficient builder, I specialize in tools, raycasting, animations, client sided and server sided scripts, game monetization and alot more. I can compose the objects you need in your game without trouble with both script and model, if you decide to be inquisitive and would like to see my past work DM me on Roblox or reply here.
    If possible, please arrange the payment to be in USD, so it goes into funding for my future projects - thanks, best of luck

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