Audio Search Module

  • Remember those few games with an audio search system? This module will allow you to create your own system!

    How to use Audio Search?

    To use this module, you simple require the module in a SERVER SCRIPT and use the functions accordingly! Reading the module, at the top is a huge comment block describing each function of the module. Like I said, Roblox ONLY allows HTTPService to be used on the server unless you use it for decoding json. This module doesnt do automatic conversions for local scripts, so I recommend making a system of your own using remoteevents/remotefunctions. What this module does is make coding an audio system an itty bit easier.

    What are uses for Audio Search?

    Create some neat audio search for radios or any game that allows user control over audio. Make users enjoy the game a bit more instead of having to access roblox's library of the website ruining their immersion. This module also caches searches (caches are saved every require, requiring this module twice isnt recommended), which means if a search was done once, if it is done again itll be loaded quicker!

    Where do I get this module?

    For one thanks for giving it a try :smile:! and For two, get it here :wink:.

  • WARNING!!!

    This module wont work at the time of this reply, Roblox's items API isnt working for audio for some odd reason, resulting in this script being broken for page 1 and maybe even subsequent pages!


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