How to keep your code dry

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    1. Functions

    Functions are containers of reusable code.

    Say you want to print the squares of certain numbers.

    You might write it like so;

    for i = 1, 10 do

    But what if you need to do this multiple times? Don't copy and paste the same exact code.

    Instead, put it in a function.

    local function printSquares(start, goal)
        -- printSquares is just a variable that contains a reference to this function 
        start = goal == nil and 1 or start
        for i = start, goal do
    printSquares(5); -- instead of copying the body, just copy this call with any numbers 

    2. Variables

    If you will often be using something, it's best to have a variable contain it/a reference to it.

    Like you might want to change a parts properties.

    game.Workspace.Part.Transparency = 0.2;
    game.Workspace.Part.Reflectance = 0.2;
    game.Workspace.Part.BrickColor ="Really red");

    Instead have a variable refer to the part!

    local part = game.Workspace.Part
    part.Transparency = 0.2;
    part.Reflectance = 0.2;
    part.BrickColor ="Really red");

    But actually use part! There's many cases where one declares a variable, but never uses it and just indexes the game and its descendants until a certain child is reached, despite having a variable for it

    3. Loops

    Say you want to do something a certain amount of times, it would be tedious to just copy the code the amount of times you want to do something, that is where loops come in.

    -- Instead of manually calling printSquares 10 times
    for i = 1, 10 do
        printSquares(i, i);
    -- And if you want to do something forever
    while true do
        part.BrickColor = BrickColor.Random();

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  • Can definitely agree that people need to be thoughtful of this. Often times when I am proof checking someone else's code, its usually very repetitive and could be simplified a lot.

    Always make sure you actually understand the code you write and proof check it. Also important to write it in such a way that it is efficient in run time as well as not repetitive.

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