Fall-Blox Beginning Development

  • I talked before about a game I helped to create called Shadow Run. I first mentioned the post on the forum here, and then went on to talk about the development process here. That game, I said, is done for me. I'm no longer in the position to work on it, and am moving on to another project. This post is to introduce the game idea of that project so that maybe you, the person reading this, can post your opinion on the idea, offer suggestions, and otherwise just know of its existence.

    The demo for this game can be played on ROBLOX here.


    So the name of the project is called Fall-Blox. There's a decent chance that Fall-Box won't remain the name of the game, but for now it is what it is. The concept is basic. I think a basic core mechanic that works and is fun is the key to a successful game. The core mechanic can probably best be shown here:
    alt text

    The gameplay and rules go as follows:

    • You can click to delete certain parts
    • The red part can't touch the black walls

    It's pretty simple. Of course this is a very very basic demo, but I still find it fun, and that's why I think this game could work.

    Plans for the game:

    Obviously what we have now is sorta bare bones, but I do have tons of plans for the full game. First more types of platforms. Some that aren't effected by gravity, some that have opposite gravity, some that explode, etc. Something to add more character. I also want a progression through environments and such. Like the easy levels might have a nature theme, and the harder levels might be themed in a type of volcano environment/biome. I also want neat sounds and animations. Such for the menu.

    After playing the game I'm interested in any feedback. Obviously this is a very early project, but I expect it to turn out pretty well. I have hopes, at least.

  • I remember playing a similar flash game online and I found it really addicting. This game does it justice and it is really fun to play.

    Can't really find anything that could be improved on that you haven't said already, but I would love to see some levels where you have to keep the red block somewhere for a certain amount of time to win as well as a scoring/rating system to see how well you did.

    Overall, really enjoyed the gameplay and the concept of the demo and can't wait for there to be more levels!

  • @Spongocardo Thanks! :D

  • @OldPalHappy Super Stacker as the flash game I was thinking of

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