Im gonna pay a scripter to go in team create and help me with some scripts

  • So if you are a scripter and are pretty experience I need your help. I am trying to learn Lua so I decided to try to make a simple tycoon and challenge myself. I have ran into minor problems I have found fixes to but this problem I currently have is no where on the internet and I just have no idea why it doesn't work. So basically I am making the parts that fall from the droppers give the player money whenever they get to the end of the conveyor belt. Once the game starts there's no erros but it just doesn't work. Only like 1/10 of all the parts that fall actually end of giving the player money so I am very confused. So if you think you can help I will pay robux somewhere between 100-200 robux since it is probably a very minor mistake (If it ends up being problem that requires more work to fix I will pay more) I am just very desperate to figure this out.

  • @emrek You should post on the main site. Also, giving rewards for answering the question isn't allowed.

  • I can help if you want. I know how to script.
    Contact me via Discord:

  • @emrek hi! So, I see you are new, and I need someone to work with so, I can do it for you for free! :) you can contact me via discord:

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