I just now realized a game im creating has already been done.

  • Hello, I am currently working on a story game (inspired by camping) called Prison: A ROBLOX Story. After weeks of development, I decide to search up some stuff. I find out theres another roblox story game called "Prison" where you try to escape a high security prison. It is very short, and quite different from mine, even though I am very upset. Do you think I should continue creating my game? Thank you for responding.

  • @guywithapoo, you should definitely continue, especially if you put that much work into it.

  • Yeah, of course you should carry on. There's loads of similar games to other games, look at all these simulators! As long as your game is better made and has a higher player count, you can't let all that work go to waste.

  • Thank you guys for telling me this! Finding out that a game like mine exists really discouraged me and my drive for getting it done went down, but is now recovering.

  • @guywithapoo
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  • @TheeDeathCaster Oh, sorry. That was my first time posting on the fourms. I'm normally on the regular scripting helpers.

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  • it doesn't matter if the general theme of the game (or even the gameplay) already exists on roblox

    what really matters is that you can provide a unique experience that players won't be able to find anywhere else

    if someone already made the game you want to make, you should play theirs & see what features you think would make the game better. if there's anything missing, you add it in your own game. if there's anything about their game that bothers you, make sure that your game doesn't have the same problems.

    no two games by different creators are going to be completely identical, so as long as you put in the time and effort to make your game as good as you can, it'll be worth it in the end

  • @BrendonTheWizard Thank you for the comment! I played his game and saw lots of things I did not like. I will still be working on the game but im worried people will think I copied the idea of the other game and I will get hate. Should I just not worry about this? Thanks.

  • @guywithapoo chances are, for many players, your game will be their first experience in that genre/theme, so as long as you're confident in your own version of the game idea & you're confident in your developing abilities, you should have nothing to worry about : )

  • @guywithapoo You could copy an idea but how you actually build your game off that idea would be different than the original person's idea's game. Many games have the same concept as another game but are two different games.

  • Just name it "JAIL"

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