I can't find bugs in my game. Help.

  • I can't really find any bugs in my game so some you guys should try to find any bugs in it. I really want to make it a good game. It has been updated today.

    Game Link: "Explorer" by develop_d - Roblox

    Also, please tell me if this is the wrong category.

    EDIT: I made the terrain generator script by myself so I wanna know if you can spot any bug with that as well.

  • Hey man! its guy. We talked yesterday. Well, this morning I looked at the game again and on seed 16 for some reason, since it was a mostly water terrain, it went pretty deep. the water was not all the water at the bottom and i think it reached the last layer that it can generate? The plates Y axis were extremely thin. And there was a gap u could see through. Good luck!

  • Hello. I just made a new terrain generator wich uses actual seeds to generate the terrain so it is not based on height anymore. I will add it to my game today and it should work fine without breaking the game. :) Might also fix the lag issues XD

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